‘A super hero.’ Beloved South Sacramento Bookstore Owner, Community Advocate Dies From COVID

August 31 – Dana Maeshia died on the morning of August 30 from COVID-related illness after being placed on a ventilator, sources close to him said.


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She is known to the community as the owner of the South Sacramento bookstore, All Things Literacy, at 2251 Florin Road.

Family and friends shared heartfelt messages on the late Maeshia’s Facebook page, some sent condolences to her family, others shared fond memories, but the majority thanked her for her dedication to serving communities. blacks from Sacramento.

“She was an angel walking on this earth and we just didn’t know it,” said Ayesha Ransom-White, a close friend of Maeshia.

Originally from San Francisco, Maeshia moved to Sacramento and became a champion of the unification of Black Sacramento.

She shared her passions with young people and advocated for their interests, and preached literacy and reading comprehension.

“The more you read, the wiser you become,” Maeshia told The Sacramento Bee in a Zoom interview from her shop, surrounded by shelves. “The more confident you become when you are able to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings… We want to disrupt the pipeline from school to prison, we want to change the narrative.”

She created the “Boys in the Hood” and “Around the Way Girl’s” youth book clubs, where Valencia’s daughter Kamara, a Sacramento resident, has seen her life change for the better, Kamara said.

“She’s a superhero and she doesn’t even know it. She’s literally here changing and shaping the lives of these young girls, so they can come out into the world with confidence and power. “Kamara told The Sacramento Bee of the impact of Maeshia.

Maeshia has created glorious accessories and scents. She is the director of Escape Velocity, whose mission is to provide services leading to literacy, wholeness, well-being and enrichment of families.

She helped organize the city’s very first festival, Malcolm X, where she selected six recipients for the Malcolm X Self-Determination Award. She was recently honored for her work at the Small Business Success Summit in Florin Square.

His business partner and friend, Berry Accius, said it was a huge loss to the community.

Maeshia was affectionately known as “Miss Dana” or “Dana Dane”. She was a friend, mother, wife, mentor, business partner and so much more to those who knew her.

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