Amazon opens first non-food store in UK

Written by: Emma Lunn


The ‘4 Star’ Amazon Store is located in the Bluewater Shopping Center in Kent and will open at 10 am today.

The store, so called because its stock is rated 4 stars or higher on Amazon, will sell everything from books, gadgets and cookware to pet toys. Similar stores are already open in the United States.

The 3,500 square foot Bluewater store will sell approximately 2,000 items from brands such as Barbie, Lego Mattel, Fitbit, Philips Hue and Russell Hobbs. It will also sell Amazon’s own products such as Echo speakers, Kindle tablets, and Ring doorbells.

The store also has a “Most Wished For” section featuring the most popular products from customer wish lists.

What exactly is for sale in the store will change periodically as Amazon responds to customer reviews and new releases. Digital price tags are displayed to ensure prices are the same in store and online.

Amazon customers will also be able to pick up items ordered online as well as return them to the store.

Andy Jones, Director of 4 Star Amazon UK, said: “I’ve been working on this for the last couple of years, so obviously we’re very keen now to attract customers and see what they think about it.

“The pandemic hasn’t really changed the way we think. We saw that the model worked very well in malls in the United States, so a location like Bluewater made perfect sense to us.

“I think the variety in the store is really important and I hope customers will see something. There are the Amazon products they expect, but also local products from small vendors, because that’s a huge part of Amazon’s business.

Amazon opened its first cashless grocery store outside of the United States in Ealing, London, in March 2021. Amazon Fresh uses Just Walk Out technology, which means shoppers scan a smartphone app when they walk in and are automatically checked out. billed on departure.

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