Biddeford clothing store evolves with new products and new space

Roxi Suger’s clothing store Biddeford has a new location and a new name. Suger Bōle at 5 Washington St. now also offers food. Grace Laverrière photo

BIDDEFORD – Roxi Suger welcomed angels, a term she affectionately calls her customers, at her new store earlier this month after months of preparation.

Roxi, the creator and founder of Angelrox and owner of Suger, opened her store in Biddeford eight years ago. Now located at 5 Washington St. in Biddeford, Suger Bōle is the latest evolution of his business.

“This (new space) has been really exciting to think about it more… in the design, in the construction and elevating that,” said Roxi. “Also, to stack up and be able to offer Biddeford a little extra good.”

The new storefront will replace the original store which was located at 17 Alfred St. Roxi said the store will not only showcase its clothing collections in an updated way, but also offer food. “Bōle” is what they call the food concept, which will include desserts from the Bam-Bam bakery in Portland and fresh salads from local farms.

“Because our clothes are plant-based and really about a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, nourishing body, mind and soul… that’s really at the heart of what Suger is,” said Roxi. . “We just thought it was a nice solution to try to provide an additional lunch option that is on the healthy, plant-based side.”

Roxi said she had been coming to Maine for years to visit family, and when she, her husband and young child were looking to settle here nine years ago, Biddeford felt perfectly at home. easy.

“Every time we crossed the river to Biddeford, the appeal of the textile factories, especially to me as a designer, was always palpable,” said Roxi. “As we continued to look to relocate here from New York to Brooklyn, Biddeford really felt at home to us.”

Roxi said part of what inspired her to move her business downtown was the work of the Heart of Biddeford and other local businesses.

“We were delighted. We decided to go ahead and start producing in a retail store so that we can have that connectivity with the community with who we are and what we do, ”said Roxi. “In addition, we were hoping (to be) another small catalyst towards the revitalization of Biddeford.”

In the eight years since it opened, Roxi – who also owns a store in Portland – said she has seen many new businesses and ideas come to life.

“It’s obviously a magnet for entrepreneurship,” said Roxi. “There are some really wonderful concepts and some good, good people, and it’s so exciting.

Since moving to Biddeford, Roxi said her business has grown significantly

“Our goals were to set up our production facility so that we could do everything here. It has been a magnificent achievement and a dream come true, ”said Roxi. “On the first anniversary of the opening of Suger’s first site, our factory was ready. Then we were also able to extend that a few years ago. It has been very exciting to see this happen.

The production plant, located in building number four of the Biddeford factory, produces all clothing from the Suger and Angelrox collections.

Roxi said her goal has always been to give back to the community. After all the support she received from the people of Biddeford over the years, she said she was incredibly grateful and wanted to give back all she could.

“The people of Maine and the people of Biddeford for the most part are, it’s hard to put it into words,” Roxi said. “They’re nice, they care about them, they like to give back, they like to participate, they like to support, they’re very proud of the things that come from here, and I think it’s a combination of all of that. things that make us so passionate about Biddeford and that we love so much.

Roxi said she looks forward to welcoming the community to her new space. It’s more than a women’s clothing store, she said, and she invites people to come and explore the mix of products they have.

“It’s really more of an oasis, a place to come and feel calm, joyful and delight the senses. All the senses you can see visually and touch the feel of our fabrics, through the scent, and all the beauty of the natural world that it offers, ”said Roxi. “We hope Suger Bōle is an inspiring, fun and entertaining little hideaway to spend time, look around, and maybe find something that brings you joy.”

Roxi said Biddeford’s rich history inspires her. The strength of the river and the longevity of the mills, she says, reminds her of the American dream – working hard for a better life for families and community.

But, she says, she always comes back to people.

“What an honor and what a joy it is to be a small part of the energy, spirit and excitement that everyone is buzzing about Biddeford. Being here for eight years and having seen it evolve, we are so very grateful to be here, ”said Roxi. “We are grateful to the community, grateful for the support and love they have shown us, and we look forward to whatever is to come.”

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