Charlotte Stash Pad’s vintage clothing store moves to new location

Stash Pad's newly increased online presence has attracted buyers, including costume designers from Netflix and HBO, and items are available to rent for film and commercial shoots.

Stash Pad’s newly increased online presence has attracted buyers, including costume designers from Netflix and HBO, and items are available to rent for film and commercial shoots.

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Stash Pad is moving from its original Plaza Midwood home to another location steeped in history – next to Lupie’s Cafe on Monroe Road. The new location at 2708 Monroe Road will host a grand reopening – with coupons and freebies – on the weekend of September 18-19.

Stash Pad owner Corrie Throckmorton founded the vintage clothing and accessories store in January 2015 after a career in casting, costumes and styling. With a love for vintage clothing, tailoring and repair, Stash Pad enables her and her co-owner / husband Jason Racino to “make a living doing what we love,” Throckmorton told CharlotteFive.

The store sells all kinds of pieces from the 1940s to the 1990s – and the couple are particularly fond of glam rock and ’70s disco glam.

Customers can buy, sell or trade vintage clothing on Stash Pad. Many shoppers come looking for clothes to wear for the 70s and 80s parties, while some shoppers collect certain designers and brands. “A lot of our clients aren’t from Charlotte,” Racino said. “We’re a destination for many – 85% of our customers find us online. “

The new location features a leopard mural – the store’s new logo – above the front door. Such changes are nothing new for Stash Pad, given the past year and a half. “Before the pandemic, we were desperately trying to sell more online. The pandemic prompted us to find someone who knew how to do it – Google, algorithm and link accounts, ”Throckmorton said.

The store now generates a significant portion of its sales through articles posted on Instagram and an Etsy store, which allows it to sell internationally. “It’s a game changer to have an income and not have to rely solely on dates,” Throckmorton said.

The new Stash Pad home is at 2708 Monroe Road, next to Lupie’s Cafe. Philippe freeman Charlotte five

Stash Pad’s strong online presence has attracted buyers, including costume designers from HBO and Netflix. The store offers costume rentals for people who shoot commercials and movies.

Same quality and variety

Amidst big changes, many aspects of Stash Pad will remain the same. For starters, Racino and Throckmorton will always get up early to attend wholesale and real estate sales. They will then repair and clean everything to make sure nothing is going on the damaged rack. “We are very demanding on the quality,” said Racino.

Regulars like Brett Bishop have come to love the quality and variety of the store – “I love Stash Pad because you can find everything here. You don’t have to sort things out to find what you want, ”Bishop said.

You can book a private shopping appointment on Stash Pad and pre-secure items to suit your size and style preferences. Philippe freeman Charlotte five

The personal touch brought by Throckmorton’s style experience will also remain after the move. Customers can book private shopping appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays; if you provide your size and style preferences in advance, they will shoot coins before you arrive.

“We have a storage unit full of stuff,” Throckmorton said. “We might have something in stock that you will love. And if you provide your information, we can be on the lookout for new parts.

Stash Pad contains hats, shoes and scarves, as well as jewelry. Philippe freeman Charlotte five

Although the pandemic has changed things, Stash Pad will remain community-driven. The store couldn’t host community events last year, and it still found a way to give back – by donating clothes to a small theater group.

The next time you’re looking to add a new old piece to your wardrobe, Stash Pad might be the place to explore.

Vintage accessories stand out on a leopard print display case at Stash Pad. Philippe freeman Charlotte five

Hiding place

Location: 2708 Monroe Road, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205

Neighborhood: Near Oakhurst / MoRA

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 12 pm-6pm; Monday to Tuesday by appointment only

To shop, sell or trade: without an appointment, make an appointment or shop online

Instagram: @stashpad

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This story was originally published September 15, 2021 6:00 a.m.

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