Closure of a clothing store in St. Cloud and opening of a 2-story Metro store

If you haven’t been to Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud recently, go ahead and you will notice the number of empty stores. It is so unfortunate. Crossroads has always been a staple in St. Cloud, apparently. And I remember when they added the whole “Target wing” to it. Now it almost seems like shopping malls in general are a dying breed. Personally, I love going to a mall – you don’t have to worry about the weather, you park in one spot and do all your shopping in one stop. It’s perfect.

Sometimes when a store leaves the mall, the thought shifts to “have they gone out of business”? In the case of Forever 21, I’ve heard this quite often. They left the mall at least a year ago. And now the Boot Barn has moved to this location and it’s pretty good. And when I heard people say that Forever 21 was in financial trouble and they might be closing their doors, I didn’t think much after that. This is what he is in these times.

Just this week, Forever 21 announced that they are about to open their new location at the Southdale Center in Edina. It is a huge two-story building. Obviously not in financial ruin. Or they hope having a new location in Edina will help them more than a location in St. Cloud did.

Speaking of Crossroads, they recently added a few new stores. And I hope they last. With the holidays approaching, it’s really nice to have a mall in town with stores that have everything you need for your holiday shopping. It’s nice to only be able to make a stop or two and shop. I have heard people talk about the imminent death of “the mall” in general, malls all over the country. Hoping it doesn’t come to fruition.

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