Dartmouth Mall’s new clothing store is finally open

Dartmouth Mall has officially welcomed its new tenant to the building, and with a wide range of womenswear and beyond now available, SouthCoast residents can prepare to shop until they drop.

The mall first announced that Windsor Fashions, a women’s clothing, footwear and accessories store, would join the mall’s line of retail stores this past spring, with a grand opening slated for the store at the ‘fall.

Just in time, Windsor in Dartmouth opened on Thursday morning, occupying the space once occupied by Justice, near the Central Court. Although Justice shut down all of its sites for good after its parent company filed for bankruptcy last year, you know what they say: when one door closes another opens. In this case, the saying can be taken literally.

After Dartmouth Mall first announced Windsor’s upcoming arrival, women on the South Coast were thrilled to have another shopping option in the area. Not only does Windsor have casual options, from flannels and denim jeans to tank tops and informal dresses, the clothing store also has a wide variety of reasonably priced semi-formal dresses that are perfect for a night out as a wedding guest or back home or prom.

But who can stop the fun there? Buyers can complete their look with shoes, jewelry, handbags and more, right in Windsor.

As SouthCoast heads into event season, Windsor hopes to minimize the stress of finding an affordable dress for any occasion. Take a look inside the brand new store:

First Look: Windsor Fashions Finally Open Inside Dartmouth Mall

Another option for women’s fashion has officially opened inside the Dartmouth Shopping Center. Windsor Fashions opened on September 16 and features a variety of casual wear, semi-formal dresses, and accessories galore. Take a look inside the new store, located near the mall’s central court, before your next trip.

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