Drug, weapon found in bust of clothing store | Crime and courts

The police made arrests for illegal activities in a Corcoran store, following an investigation.

According to a press release from the Corcoran Police Department, reports have been received of illegal sales of marijuana to Corcoran Clothing Supply, located at 1108 Chase Ave. Through the investigation, it was determined that the sales were taking place and that possible illegal gambling was also occurring at the store.

Investigators were able to determine that store owner Abdo Numi had an active Kings County arrest warrant against his arrest for conspiracy and illegal gambling. Investigators also learned that Corcoran Clothing and Supply is operated by Nasir Numi and Abdo.

Investigators obtained a search warrant to search the business and vehicles for evidence of illegal marijuana sales and gambling. While serving the search warrant, Nasir was found in possession of a firearm and in possession of packaged marijuana for sale inside his vehicle and inside the business.

Nasir was subsequently arrested for possession of marijuana for sale. Shortly after serving the search warrant, Abdo arrived at the Corcoran Police Department to inquire why his store had been searched by the Corcoran Police Department. Abdo was placed under arrest for his active Kings County warrant and for possession of marijuana for sale, following a search warrant at Corcoran Clothing and Supply.

Abdo and Nasir were subsequently cited for possession of marijuana for sale and Abdo was also cited for his tenure. Anyone with information regarding illegal gambling and / or marijuana sales from Corcoran Clothing and Supply is encouraged to contact Sgt. Gabriel Padama at the Corcoran Police Department (559) 992-5151.

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