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If you’re in the mood for international flavors, check out Penticton’s brand new grocery store, which offers dry specialties, spices, fresh produce and candy from around the world.

Global Grocers held its grand opening on Friday, excited to welcome new and returning customers after trying to secure a spot in Penticton for the past two years.

Co-owners Riz and Deepak Gaba were happy to have managed to secure a well-located store and sufficient parking.

“We started out working in a store that belonged to my aunt and uncle, we wanted to know if it was right for us. The store bought us a great platform, we met some wonderful and wonderful people. We love to ask questions, we love to ask about the culture and the food and that’s how we started to expand our range to world cuisine at Oliver, ”explained Riz.

The store first opened its store in Oliver and gained a large following through its product line.

“Oliver has been great, but during times of COVID it’s been a struggle,” explained Riz, with the store adjusting to safety regulations, curb deliveries and pickup.

But their passion for bringing authentic and ethnic foods got them through.

“We are very curious when it comes to food, we are very curious when it comes to people. Moving from India, from England to Canada, we have always lived in a very multicultural society, ”said Riz. “Food is always a conversation starter. You go somewhere, and you go, what’s your name, how are you and somehow it leads to a conversation about food! “

Riz added that his clientele is very large, with young people looking to develop their cooking style, young mothers looking for snacks, hungry students and elderly people ready for a new meal.

“We like to focus on each category of customers.

A true family business, Gaba’s son helps out and appears in promotional videos for the store.

“He loves to make videos sometimes. Sometimes I have to bribe him with chocolates and muffins, ”Rice added with a laugh. “We like to talk to him about different food and food cultures. “

“Come to our store, see what you like and you might find something you haven’t tasted and like. “

Penticton Global Grocers is open seven days a week at 2150 Main Street from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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