Gombak gadget store owner helps desperate driver who only had RM24 in his wallet

PETALING JAYA: An electronics gadget store owner in Gombak gave Malaysians a new lesson in humanity after helping a desperate single dad who appeared in his store buy a new phone with only RM24 in his wallet.

Mohd Fadli Salleh, who is the store owner and an elementary school teacher, shared a story on social media about how his staff member called him after a man came to their store begging to pay several times for a new phone.

Mohd Fadli, whose store does not accept payments, said the man was a divorcee who works as a Grab driver to care for his 72-year-old mother and four-year-old child.

“Every day he would pick up his child to send him to the babysitter and treat him the best he could.

“The way he told his story, you can feel the love he has for his child,” Mohd Fadli said in his Facebook post on Friday, May 21.

The man then opened his wallet to show Mohd Fadli its contents, saying, “This is all I have. My phone is broke. How am I going to drive Grab? Can I pay in installments?

Mohd Fadli then informed the man that the store does not accept installment payments.

The man then started to walk away, replying that he would have no choice but to borrow from a loan shark, as he needed a cell phone for his job as an email driver. .

Mohd Fadli changed his mind and stopped him, then asked him to choose a phone. He chose one of the cheapest available, but repeated that he had no money to pay.

Mohd Fadli said he smiled and told him, “My shop doesn’t take installments. I would go bankrupt if I let everyone go into debt.

“But I am a human being and so are you. You are desperate and you need help, if I can help then I will definitely help.

“Just promise that you won’t lie to me and pay when you have the extra money,” Mohd Fadli said.

He said the man had tears in his eyes and even told Mohd Fadli to keep his IC as collateral, which he refused.

Mohd Fadli, who is part of the non-governmental organization Dana Kita, also handed the man a box of basic necessities containing a package of rice, cooking oil, sugar, milk and sardines. .

“I told him to take him home to cook with his mother.

“At that moment, he didn’t say anything more, tears rolled down his face,” said Mohd Fadli.

He added that he also prepared a few boxes of essentials in his store for those in need.

Mohd Fadli’s post has so far garnered 51,000 likes.

In the comments section, he wrote that more than 20 people texted him after reading the message, offering to pay for the phone.

“There are Malays, Chinese, Indians and Sikhs. Malaysians are great.

“Everyone is united regardless of race, religion and ethnicity to help those in need. Congratulations to all,” said Mohd Fadli.

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