Greensboro clothing store robbed and owner lost thousands of dollars

The owner of Gold Bills Clothing says about $ 2,500 in merchandise was stolen, along with his PlayStation 5.

GREENSBORO, NC – A Greensboro clothing store owner cleans up after someone breaks into and steals thousands of dollars in merchandise he depends on for his livelihood.

Greensboro Police are investigating.

James Murrell opened his storefront for Gold Bills Clothing on Randleman Road about a year ago.

“It was definitely an experience that I didn’t want to have as a store owner,” Murrell said.

Murrell said he received an alert around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday from his security system that the motion sensors were triggering. He initially ignored it because he had a false alarm last month.

“When he sent me something saying the front door was open, that’s when I called the police,” Murrell said.

He found a large boulder on the doorstep which he said was used to smash the glass on the door. He said they took about $ 2,500 worth of merchandise and his PlayStation 5.

“They took varsity jackets that are personalized. I made them and they took tracksuits, about 15 tracksuits of all sizes,” Murrell said.

He started drawing five years ago as a student at UNC Greensboro. The store’s duck logo symbolizes more than a brand.

“When you see a duck above the water it always looks calm, but what you don’t see is how underwater the feet still work,” Murrell said. “I use this to understand us because sometimes you can’t see our talents but we are still working.”

Murrell sold online and even out of his car as more and more people became interested in his designs.

“It was kind of a back-up plan while things were going on in college, but I ended up really going for it and sticking with it,” Murrell said. “That’s when it really started to take off and I put everything into it.”

He quit his job and opened the storefront in October 2020.

Now he faces repairs with a hard-learned lesson, knowing his security cameras were turned off during the flight.

“I absolutely want to try to prevent that in the future and keep the cameras running 24/7,” Murrell said.

Greensboro Police have not released any suspicious information, but due to the sheer number of things taken, Murrell believes more than one person may have been involved.

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