Herkimer Free clothing store could close unless someone steps in

Have you heard of Tagless in Herkimer? They are helping the community but need someone new to lead it. Maybe it could be you?

Tagless is a store that for many is a total steal in the Mohawk Valley. Basically it’s a store that through donations gives back to the community in the form of free clothes. All the effort has been made to make people more comfortable in clothes. The owners of the business grew up with little and know how important it is.

“It might seem silly to some that a pair of Nike sneakers or Levi’s jeans could help someone feel better about themselves, but for people for whom these things are beyond reach, they can mean the world.” , said James. “It can be the difference between feeling like you belong and feeling like an outcast.” – James Weiderman

Over the summer, there were concerns that the store that offers such a touching service to the community would have to close its doors for good. Fortunately, someone made an incredible donation and the shutdown was avoided. Someone stepped in and donated $ 10,000 to save the business. Now that we are on the cusp of the holiday season, Tagless may soon be going out of business for another reason, but you can help.

Recently on Facebook the Tagless page was posted asking for help, help finding a new owner / operator. James Weiderman sent a very heartfelt message asking someone to step in because he doesn’t want to see this business shut down.

If you are interested, please contact us. It outlines the cost which is $ 750 per month for rent which includes utilities. Another incentive for this, as it is a charity, this rent is a tax deduction. If you are able to take over, James is ready to sell the business and all of its assets. Not because of a loss of money, but because he tries to focus on his family. His wife has a health problem and he has 6 children and needs a break.

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