How a health food store became LA’s most popular hangout

Erewhon interiors focus on natural raw materials (a nod to raw, natural selection) and food preparation kitchens on display that communicate honesty. “We have nothing to hide,” Chiprut said. He took inspiration from four-star hotels and luxury clothing stores and wanted extra-wide aisles to evoke an airy and open feeling. And of course, each location has an outdoor dining area, perfect for hanging out with a smoothie, which has become something of a godsend during the pandemic.

Nick Santiago and Matthew Hwang were such dedicated Erewhon shoppers that a few years ago they made tracksuits that had the store’s name in all capital letters – even as merch. Mr. Santiago and Mr. Hwang, who together run digital marketing agency Pizzaslime, sold them for $ 300 each. Now released in limited quantities, which sell out often, the sweatshirts have been seen on actors like Sophie Turner and Jonah Hill and young influencers like Kelsey Calemine and Zach Bia.

“This is because we went to Erewhon every day and wished they had some goods,” Hwang said. “So we made some and posted and people were like, ‘Yo, I need this. “So we did it for friends, and then their friends would say, “Damn, I need this.” It has grown exponentially. Today, Erewhon has its own product line, albeit small (for now). The first drop included a $ 160 hoodie, $ 150 sweatpants, and a $ 30 face mask.

“It’s the embodiment of what people think LA is,” Ms. Najjar said. “I’ve always found LA to be quite self-aware and accept its nonsense.” His videos are both satirical and heartfelt, a sneaky meta-commentary on the consumerist matrix we are all entangled in. “With millennials, my generation, we’re always looking to connect with external validation and these markers of who we are as a person. Your cafe, your supermarket, the neighborhood you live in, they all become these badges: “It’s me, I’m a West Hollywood cafe, Alfred, Erewhon girl.”

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