Man jailed for explosion at Belfast fast food restaurant

A man who lifted a chair and threatened to smash the windows of a fast food restaurant in a row because of his drink has been sentenced to five months in prison.

elfast Magistrates’ Court heard staff were scared off by Phillip Wilson’s explosion at Freshly Chopped in the city center.

The 38-year-old homeless man was convicted of disorderly behavior and common assault.

He was arrested when police were called to the Donegall Square West outlet on July 20 of this year.

Prosecutors said Wilson started yelling that someone had stolen his drink after sitting at a table outside.

As he held up one of the wooden chairs, a member of staff feared that it was about to be attacked.

Wilson then threatened to smash store windows and warned employees not to phone the police, the court was told.

Defense attorney Conn O’Neill said there was no physical assault during the incident.

The lawyer described his client as “someone on the fringes, deeply isolated”.

Imposing three months in custody for the new offenses, Deputy District Judge Liam McStay also ordered Wilson to serve an additional two months for the previously suspended disorderly behavior.

Mr McStay said: “It must have been very frightening, not only for the victim of the assault, but for any staff or members of the public who saw the incident.”

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