New energy-efficient food store opens in Calgary, northwest

As Calgary Co-op celebrates its 65th anniversary, the company is launching a new energy efficient food store in Sage Hill.

The store, located at 111 Sage Valley Common NW, offers shoppers the same level of products and services they have come to expect from the Calgary Co-op while saving energy and space.

The smaller store, spanning 30,000 feet, features LED lighting that uses 80% less energy and lasts up to 50% longer than traditional lighting.

Sage Hill Food Store also offers reused equipment from other cooperatives, exploits with intelligent building automation, and improved refrigeration systems that more energy efficient, reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, this location houses a charging station for electric vehicles, capable of charging two vehicles at the same time. This is a new feature for Calgary Co-op, and the company said in a press release that it hopes it becomes the first in a long series in its stores.

The new Calgary Co-op Food Store in Sage Hill is having its official opening on Friday, November 26, when the company will also be celebrating a milestone anniversary.

The cooperative society has been in business for 65 years and opened its first store in 1956 with local farmers and ranchers selling farm-to-table fresh food. Over the years, Co-op has sold clothing, electronics, large and small appliances, furniture, and even electric racing cars. At one point, he also owned a building materials warehouse selling lumber, nails, and more.

Today, Calgary Co-op has over 440,000 members and 3,850 employees, and is one of the largest retail co-ops in North America.

The company has offices in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, High River, Okotoks and Strathmore. Offerings include food centers, pharmacies, gas stations, car washes, home care centers, wine, liquor and beer, cannabis and community health food stores.

“It is thanks to our members, customers, neighbors and team members that Calgary Co-op is what we are today,” reads the Calgary Co-op website, “so a great thank you to you as we celebrate this milestone year! As we like to say, we’re 65 and that’s just the start for us.

Head to the Calgary Co-op Sage Hill grocery store grand opening on November 26 to celebrate the new location as well as the company’s 65th anniversary, and do your weekly groceries while you’re there.

Calgary Co-operative Food Store Sage Hill

Address: 111 Sage Valley Common NO, Calgary
Telephone: 587-392-9827

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