Opening of an organic children’s clothing store in Stateline

Sandra Ney is delighted to open the flagship store.

STATELINE, Nevada – Will & Ivey children’s boutique is hosting a big opening party on October 9-10, making owner / designer Sandra Ney’s lifelong dream come true.

Ney has worked in the fashion industry for much of his life. She attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. While there, she met her husband, Karl, and worked as a chief designer at the Beverly Hills Polo Club.

In 1991, the couple had their first son, and Ney was put off by the available baby clothes.

“I became very disappointed with the children’s clothing there,” Ney said. “They were covered in animated designs with dinosaurs and trucks and millions of shots and that sort of thing.”

She began to design a line of children’s clothing, inspired by her son Hunter. The patterns were simple so people could focus on the baby’s face, which she said was the real work of art, instead of busy patterns.

The Ney’s spent hours sitting at their kitchen table working on the brand. Sandra would cut out patterns while Karl would attach tags to the clothes.

However, Karl was the drummer for the Christian rock band Guardian. The recording studio moved to Nashville, so the Ney’s packed their bags and moved on. Ney couldn’t find any manufacturers to make children’s clothes there, so she set up the samples and designs.

They lived in Nashville for 29 years and during that time Ney worked in the fashion industry but never forgot her dream of a children’s clothing line.

In 2011, a friend of hers opened a denim business called Southern Blues and asked Ney to be the designer. At the time, she was working for a nonprofit called Lifesong for Orphans.

“One of the things that is most important to me is that I have always dreamed of having a business with a mission to take care of children,” said Ney. “So when I started working for the denim company I said, ‘Hey, what do you think about designing baby jeans… and with these jeans being sold, give a big percentage to this non-profit organization ”.

About two years later, the owner of Southern Blues decided to pursue another career and therefore closed the doors of the company. While Ney was sad, she realized it was time to take her old designs out of the closet.

She found partners in Tennessee to work with and in 2015 she launched Will & Ivey. Will & Ivey focus on minimalist children’s clothing designs, featuring mature solid colors, soft fabric with elasticated waistlines, outfits that are easy to put on and take off with minimal snaps and buttons.

“I find that a lot of moms are really grateful that the fabrics I choose are organic or Oeko Tex, which do not contain toxins, so the fabric is extremely soft and not only safe for the skin but safe for the environment. . “said Ney.

Helping foster and adoption children has always been a passion for her. Ney’s own mother and his four siblings had been abandoned in San Francisco. She was adopted and was recently able to reunite with her siblings and reconnect and watch the reunion struck a chord with Ney.

A percentage of every item of clothing purchased from Will & Ivey is donated to Tennessee Kids Belong, a company that helps children transition from foster care to adoption, or backpacks filling through Tennessee’s TAK PAK program. Alliance for Kids, where backpacks are filled with essentials and comforts for children when they are abruptly taken from their homes.

Ney grew up visiting the house her grandfather built in Carnelian Bay and she always felt an urge to return to Tahoe. In 2020, she and Karl bought a home in Kingsbury Grade. After running their business online for five years, they decided to open a physical store.

A photo of Ney’s family home in Carnelian Bay.

Karl loved Clyde’s Coffee House and wanted the store to be near there. Indeed, there was a space next door that was for rent. Ney describes it as “fortuitous”.

Ney is now looking for local producers to make the clothes all local and she is looking for local associations to partner with.

Sandra and Karl have four children and Sandra said she doesn’t pressure her children to give to her grandchildren, but she is excited to one day dress her grandchildren.

The grand opening will take place October 9-10, 2021 at 292 Kingsbury Grade Unit # 32, Stateline, Nev 89449, next to Clyde’s Coffee House. The event will only feature in-store sales and promotions, as well as online sales to celebrate the event.

The store will carry baby and children’s clothing in sizes newborn to 6T, and the assortment includes dresses, tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits and accessories.

For more information, visit Will & Ivey online at

Sandra and Karl Ney posing with a model in their clothes.

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