Pro-democracy clothing store Chickeeduck to leave Hong Kong next year

Pro-democracy children’s clothing brand Chickeeduck, which has had numerous run-ins with authorities in recent months, has announced it is leaving Hong Kong due to setbacks since the passage of the National Security Act.

The company said in a press release shared with media on Thursday that it would be leaving the city in the second half of next year.

“The feasibility of the business going forward is now being questioned and we are considering wiser and more sustainable strategies for the business going forward,” said CEO Herbert Chow.

Expressing his pro-democracy stance, Chickeeduck has been targeted by authorities in the city’s tense political climate. Earlier this month, officials from the Department of Food and Environmental Hygiene (FEHD) visited his Tin Hau store and accused Chickeeduck of occupying unlet land with his statue of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo outside the store.

In May, police cordoned off its Tsuen Wan branch. Its storefront featured graffiti of the slogan “liberate Hong Kong”, which has been declared illegal under the National Security Act. And the previous month, Chow said mainland Chinese customs officials confiscated his products – which were made at a factory in Shenzhen – because they advocated “black violence.”

CEO Herbert Chow holds prototypes of the seized products. Photos: Facebook / Chow Siu Lung Herbert

Chickeeduck has also encountered difficulty renewing leases at its various locations in shopping malls, which are operated by large real estate conglomerates seen as aligned with government interests.

Chow said News from the stand that he will not shut down the brand – his warehouse and business will be relocated overseas, perhaps to the UK or Canada, and his head office in a “safe place”.

“Of course I don’t want Chickeeduck [products] can be purchased anywhere in the world except Hong Kong, but it is certainly possible, ”he said.

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