The Food Store.App: Revolutionizing Cloud Kitchens and Food Delivery System

Recognizing the marked shift in popularity from on-site catering to a cloud-based food ordering system, TheFoodstore.App launched in June 2020 amid the pandemic.

TheFoodstore.App is a technology-based internet company that works on a unique 360 ​​° e-commerce platform offering a complete solution of various kitchens with clean and partnered food delivery logistics, supported by data analytics , strong customer relationship management, loyalty benefits and online payments to name a few, to create a memorable dining experience.

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Categorizing TheFoodstore.App as an ordinary food delivery app would be totally wrong. What sets this internet food technology company apart from others is its functionality, which makes it beneficial to both ends of the spectrum – customers and partners.

While it operates on a B2B platform to deliver ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products to partner restaurants, it also offers partners the ability to brand exclusive brands through effective digital marketing platform and technology. , by lending via a technical team. Plans to launch their own technology-based delivery fleet are also in the works.

Although a plethora of food delivery services are now available, they tend to reduce restaurant profitability by charging high commission levels and offering lucrative discount offers to customers. It may seem beneficial from a consumer’s point of view, but it is quite overwhelming from an investor’s point of view. However, in their model, TheFoodstore.App offers franchisees a reasonable price, paving the way for operators to maximize profitability through a healthy business model.

TheFoodstore.App strives to develop highly sought after cloud cooking brands and, on the other hand, it tends to provide the opportunity for smart young entrepreneurs to enter the food business in a well guided environment. As for guests, they can choose from a myriad of affordable restaurants all over Dhaka, offering a wide range of cuisines ranging from fast food, healthy meals, drinks and gourmet desserts.

In addition, their superior customer service guarantees a two-way communication channel with a robust feedback system, bridging the gap between consumers and restaurants. With the motto “great food at your fingertips”, TheFoodstore.App is focused on creating an exquisite range of food brands.

People can order through a website or app, both of which offer a blog section known as “foodietalks” that showcases various food trends and includes recipe videos of the company’s iconic dishes, allowing customers to to easily reproduce their favorite dishes. With an order tracking option, they currently deliver throughout Dhaka with delivery times 10am to 10pm daily.

One of the founders, Chef Subhabrata Maitra, said, “The idea of ​​TheFoodstore.App is not to jump on the bandwagon by following a cloud cooking concept. Here we are working with a triad of food, technology, and people to do it. possible for every customer, whether private or business, to experience the company’s motto “good food at your fingertips” in its true sense “.

The response has been splendid as TheFoodstore.App has already spread its wings with a franchise model and is looking for seed series – funding to boost the business with stronger growth prospects.

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