The sidewalk to the Co-op grocery store will soon be open

The sidewalk will help keep people and scooters away from the freeway.

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Construction of the sidewalk extension from the A&W Restaurant will soon begin to the Lake Country Co-op grocery store lot.

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The extension was part of the recommendations of a traffic study commissioned by the Town of Nipawin several years ago.

“It’s a big deal,” Mayor Rennie Harper said. “People in our community rode motorized scooters on both sides of the highway, sometimes at the same time. There is traffic along the road. There are people passing along the road. It is an opportunity for people to move safely from downtown to the Co-Op store.

“I think it’s a big safety issue,” she said.

The city received a $ 50,000 grant from the province to help pay, but will also have to pay money.

“We’ve received at least half of it, so we’ll have a conversation about how we’re going to proceed,” Harper said at the July 12 regular council meeting.

The sidewalk will run alongside Highway 35 on the east side of the road.

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