Tulsa clothing store robbed for second time in months after opening

Tulsa Police are investigating the robbery of an upscale clothing store on Thanksgiving morning.

The owner says between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000 worth of products have been removed from her store.

Paige Van Norman just opened Willamina Boutique in mid-October and tells me her store has now been broken into twice, but the second time was much worse.

Van Norman woke up around four a.m. Thursday morning with a phone call telling her that her store alarm was going off.

She says that while checking her security cameras, she saw that two men had broken into her store through the back door.

“They go to the front of the store and start to grab, they threw stuff on the floor to grab some more, then shortly after the alarm started going off and they grabbed what they could and they ran, ”said Van Norman.

Willamina is an upscale clothing store near 12th and Lewis in the Market District.

Paige says she just opened her store on October 16 and it’s the second time her store has been broken into.

She says two mirrors and a chair were stolen the first time, but this time the burglars escaped with nearly $ 20,000 in merchandise.

“That’s a lot for a small business like ours,” said Van Norman.

Police in Tulsa are currently investigating the heist and Captain Richard Meulenburg says there is a good chance the men have already been in the store or someone has told them about it.

“With the merchandise they stole and the type of store it is, there’s a good chance they’ll know exactly what they’re doing. They break in there and steal armfuls of expensive clothes, ”said TPD captain Richard Meulenburg.

Paige says she’s already felt a lot of support from the people who came shopping this weekend, and while it’s a big loss, she’s hoping they’ll make up for it. holiday sales.

“We really hope the people of Tulsa tell their friends about the store and shop small this holiday season and we just hope to make up for it this way,” said Van Norman.

Police say if you recognize the two people in this video, you are encouraged to call Crimestoppers at 918-596-COPS.

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