Wichita Falls clothing store won Texoma’s best pizza, WHAT ?!

Does Steve Harvey announce the winners this year?

Times Record News has been doing the best of Texoma for years and I know it’s something a lot of people are proud of. It’s advertising for your business, as well as free bragging rights in town. The ones I hold dear for Texoma’s Best are the food categories and one of my favorite foods is pizza.


Who doesn’t like pizza? I don’t care what I’m in the mood for, someone offers an optional pizza and I’m in it. So Texoma’s best pizza had five options. Stone Oven, Rapid Fired, Firo Fire Kissed, Marco’s and Pizza Hut. Personally, I would like Luigi’s, Bully’s and Progress and Provisions (WF Brewery) to replace some of these options. Luigi’s was available in the Italian category, but I still get pizza there.


Monday was the announcement of the big winners and for the pizza we have … Ramble & Company? Eh? Obviously this was some sort of mistake as Ramble and Company is a retail store located in downtown Wichita Falls. I’m not saying they don’t deserve a reward, but they don’t make pizza.

Unless I’m aware of some sort of underground pizza operation they’re having going on. It may be necessary to launch an investigation. Does Ramble and Company illegally serve pizza in Wichita Falls? No, a few hours later we got an official winner for Texoma’s best pizza and it’s a tie!

Stone Oven and Firo Fire Kissed Pizza took home the award for best pizza in Wichita Falls. Congratulations to the two restaurateurs. Ramble and Company made a funny comment on Stone Oven’s post about the situation.

“We didn’t know we were in the pizza business. ??

Ps. Please don’t come to our house for a slice of pizza. We can guarantee that we will not have any. We’ve got a great selection of clothes for your sartorial needs, great candles for your home, and delicious gourmet popcorn, in case you need a little snack.

We recommend Stone Oven for your pizza craving ??

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