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A brand new clothing store called “Modern Throwback” opened last Sunday in Morgantown, and so far it has received great reviews as it continues to garner a lot of attention on social media.

The store is run by WVU graduate Chayt Luevano, who said he has dreamed of opening his own clothing store for some time and has made the decision to do so this summer.

“I just graduated from WVU last spring and just wanted to graduate before I started the store, but a storefront has always been a dream of mine,” Luevano said.

Luevano has been selling vintage clothing since 2016 under the Modern Throwback brand and uses the company to put more money in his pocket.

“I sold vintage clothes to pay rent and the like throughout college, so it was a no-brainer to open here in Morgantown,” Luevano said.

The store carries all types of vintage items, from old t-shirts and band records to old sports jerseys and WVU memorabilia that are sure to make game day outfits a whole lot cooler.

“In my opinion, it was a real breath of fresh air for the city center as there aren’t a lot of clothing stores, if any, that really specialize in streetwear and vintage clothing like they do. their store; Plus, I thought the price was pretty reasonable as well, ”said Justin Van Der Vate, Modern Throwback customer and WVU student.

The store’s Instagram page @modern_throwback_ has already gained over 1,800 followers as Luevano put his marketing skills to the test by giving away freebies, including a $ 75 store credit.

“I actually found out about the store on their Instagram, me and a few friends saw everyone posting on their Instagram stories the other day and thought why not take a look.” , said Van Der Vate.

The store’s Instagram is also the best place to see what new items will appear in the store on any given day, as Luevano is always on the lookout for a new piece to add to the collection.

Modern Throwback is located at 360 High Street in downtown Morgantown and is open Sunday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m.

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